Approved NY Continuing Education for Real Estate Salespersons/Brokers Online! continuing education program is offered through Hyde Real Estate School.

Hyde Real Estate School is a fully licensed and Dept Of State approved real estate school.

We are Arello certified. Our Arello certification number is: 6584

Our CE package satisfies the Law Of Agency and Fairhousing requirements! We currently do not offer Ethical Business Practices And Legal Matters. These topics are mandated by the Department of State.!

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Course Topics

Agency Law (M12495)

This course reviews relationships between brokers and agents, clients and brokers, and the duties of agents to principals and third parties. Students can expect to learn about the creation of an agency, types of agencies, agency laws, fiduciary duties, and more.

Fair Housing Laws (M06607)

A course covering various aspects of fair housing rules and regulations. Students can expect to learn about protected classes, exemptions from Fair Housing, prohibited discriminatory practices, advertising and marketing, American with Disabilities Act (ADA), etc.

Financing (M12498)

A course which explains various financing options available today. Students can expect to come out with a more in-depth understanding about loan origination, primary loan application, types of loans, loan terms, sources of financing, and a lot more.

Real Estate Contracts (M12496)

This course explains different contractual agreements a real estate agent might encounter during a leasing or sales transaction. Sample topics covered: offer and acceptance, types of contracts, elements of a contract, statue of fraud, termination, remedies of a breach, and more. The following concepts will be discussed: lease hold estates, standard lease provisions, and security deposit.

Commercial Invests (M12499)

This course is designed to provide an overview of commercial real estate investments. Students can expect to learn about different types of commercial real estate investment properties including the risk, liquidity, and leverage associated with them. Concepts such as the rate of return, the time value of money, annual net operating income (IRV formula) will all be discussed.

Legal Issues (M12497)

This course is designed to provide an overview of legal issues an agent might encounter during the process of conducting a real estate transaction. Students can expect to learn about the bundle of rights, encumbrances, real property ownership, types of co-ownership (Joint tenancy, tenancy, Tenancy in common, and Tenancy entirety), and more.